What’s Up // November


I am an avid fan of Reese Lansangan and her recent blog post was another edition of “As Of Late” which is her way to update everyone with her life. As i’m reading her post i’ve been inspired to do the same and decided that i’m gonna take time and update “What’s Up” with me every month.

Making : a blog post πŸ˜›
Cooking : Nothing because mom cooks for us at home. YAS
Drinking : Water. With ice please.
Reading: The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom
Wanting: films for my instax and also an extra battery for my Camera
Looking: at my family’s old pictures… actually reminiscing right now. ehe
Playing: computer detective games
Deciding: if Grey is better than Natsu
Wishing: I’m at the Philippines with my whole family.
Enjoying: a playlist of my favorite music
Waiting: for a miracle to happen lol // for my first day of school
Liking: Adele’s new music
Wondering: if I could ever survive… // when i could be with my whole fam again
Loving: all the love people get
Pondering: on what to do with my life.
Considering: getting a new hair do
Watching: Himouto! Umaru-chan!! // Once Upon A Time // my family’s roadtrip videos
Hoping: I could go home to Ph for vacation next year. please huhu
Marvelling: How beautiful our planet Earth is
Needing: inspiration and skills
Smelling: mom’s cooking
Wearing: pajamas everyday
Following: what my heart wants to do
Noticing: that I badly need to go on a diet hahaha
Knowing: that I have my family and friends who will always support me
Thinking: of ways on how to make my vocabulary wider and how to compose lyrics for a song
Admiring: how the sun rises and sets and how the night sky is lit by stars and moon
Sorting: my messy mind
Buying: fooooood
Getting: why people change
Bookmarking: Attachments
Disliking: being alone but at the same time wanting to be alone
Opening: my heart out to new things
Giggling: about the funny pictures I have as a kid
Feeling: anxious about something i don’t know
Snacking: nutella and breadsticks
Coveting: a nice day at the beach // on eating filipino street foods ughhhh
Wishing: I could teleport andΒ  travel the world
Helping: mom with chores and my friends with their problems
Hearing: people’s sighs
Thanks to Reese Lansangan (reeselansangan.com) for inspiring me, here’s her blogpost : As Of Late
Original Post here: Meet Me At Mikes
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