An Expression

Be still my heart and know
that the Lord is always with you.
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
In times of troubles, come unto Him.
In times of peace, come unto Him.

Be still my heart and know the Lord.
He is the Messiah and the Jehovah.
Your Saviour and your Friend.
He will guard your heart and protect your soul.
He is the God that knows everything you don’t know.

Be still my heart and have faith.
Trust in Him in everything.
Be still my heart and pray
because His love is never-ending.
Be still my heart then take a breath and
He will make the rest
beautiful and the best,
amazing and perfect and blessed.

This is a tranquilizer, it’s just a thought. Calming my heart. Calming my soul. Trying. Goodnight.

May 15, 2016//12:44 am


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